The Cicero’s Debate in Bhubaneshwar saw students battle it out through the prelims and into the finals. Soumya Subhadarshini of DAV Chandrasekharpur was ecstatic at being declared the winner. “The feeling when they called my name was a mixture of astonishment and satisfaction. It was unbelievable…”  she exclaimed.

Apart from the debate, Flipback was the other highlight of Cicero’s. Second runner-up Nilav Banerjee of DAV Chandrasekharpur was also a strong contender in the Debate. But he holds no grudges. Winning and losing is a part of every game, and winning definitely feels great,” he reflected.

Cicero’s in Kolkata started with the Debate that showcased brilliant young minds. The lucky winner was only one, and that was Shreyas Mohta of Abhinav Bharti School. “The experience was amazing. In a nutshell, fantabulous!” he said.

The campus itself was decorated with posters made by school students during the collage making competition that echoed the theme “Get Real”. The campus was abuzz with enthusiasm as students from over 50 schools came to participate.

The Jaipur debate brought young, intelligent debaters together to unleash their arguments for or against given topics. The winner, Sikhpal Kaur from Army School, was obviously more than delighted. “I really enjoyed and was really very happy with my success… to see the hard work pay off,” she said.
In The Pied Piper (Antakshari) event, 19 teams participated and started with an ‘indigenous’ version “Baithe baithe kya karein, karna hai kuch kaam; shuru karo antakshri, leke IIPM ka naam!” Belting out songs with flourish, students enjoyed it to the hilt.

IPM Lucknow hosted Cicero’s Challenge 2012 with fun and fervour, with many renowned schools in active participation. The event began with the debate wherein the students displayed their rhetorical skills and mesmerized the audience as well as the judges. When we asked Arsalan (the winner from City Montessori School) about how he felt on having won, he replied “Of course it was a great feeling to be the winner. As we were the best, there was no challenge.”
One of the highlights of the event was an inter-school ‘Tug of War’; St Francis’ College won the battle of brawn and walked away with a delicious chocolate cake for prize!

Cicero’s was a fun experience with activities and games designed to challenge the students. The theme was “Rock Stars at Schools”. The Great Debate was accompanied by fun-filled activities like Scavenger Hunt (each team had to scour for unusual items on a list within an hour!) and a Photo Pose session where students had to use props given to them and get their best pose clicked, rocket-style! Add to this a number of food stalls to tempt taste buds, and Cicero’s turned out to be a complete psycho-sensual experience.

Cicero’s Challenge at IIPM Chandigarh was organised on 27th April and was inaugurated by Mr Jayanta Chakroborti, Dean, IIPM Chandigarh. The carnival withnessed participation from renowned schools like St. Peter’s, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Shivalik Public School etc. Of these, St John’s student, Ujjwal, won the flagship Debate event. Thanking IIPM for giving him this opportunity and platform, he said, “The topic was such that it made us think. Our school teachers helped us a lot.” The other events that saw huge participation included Mr & Ms Cicero’s, and Choreography competitions.

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IIPM: What is E-PAT?


There is no greater joy than the joy of seeing your dream become a reality in front of your eyes. The late hours, the physical exhaustion, the mental stress and all else seems worth it when the dream is realised. One such man who has been one of the biggest supports to the cause of IIPM is prof. Partho sengupta. A man, whose unending support ensured that Dr. M. K, Chaudhuri had enough time to concentrate on strategic issues. A man whose relentless drive saw him meet and effectively beat deadlines. A man who himself undertook the IIPM program so that he could feel the change that he was proposing to others. His loyalty is incomparable as he reaches his 22nd year at Relaxo.

Many people feel that the legendary TS Eliot is a poet whom you study rather than read. A dedicated Prof. Sen Gupta makes us feel the same when he states that one can achieve great heights not just merely by being swashbuckling and brilliant, but also through an analytical approach based out of concepts that cater to practicality. Prof. Sengupts’s support to the IIPM cause is beyond any measure. When the institute was starting off the program with its first batch of students coming in and joining, Prof Sengupta was there to welcome the students at the office in Greater Kailash. His love for the institute and the teaching profession has grown through the years and he looks forward to take up teaching again.

It won’t be an understatements that Prof. Sengupta can be branded as ‘vintage’ in terms of IIPM as an establishment. The prolific IIPM visionary Dr. MK Chaudhuri along with his wife Mrs. Ratna Chaudhuri, and Prof. Sengupta were pretty much the team that laid the foundation stone of what IIPM stands for. Recollecting his old times here, Prof. Sengupta says with a tinge a humour, “I used to teach subjects which people do not like – QT and QT in Marketing!”

Prof. Sengupta’s career began with a job for the HP government. Married, back in 1971, he joined Dr. MK Chaudhuri when he wanted to start an institute. “He planned the idea, and I took the opportunity and came to Delhi in December 1973”, he remembers. Till the commencement of the preliminary batch on august 12th 1974, Prof. Sengupta had to work day and night, for almost 6-7 months. “Since we had to do everything ourselves, we had to put our brains, time, and money completely in it”. Prof. Sengupta and Dr. MK Chaudhuri were then involved in everything, from ground level jobs to administrative work. Prof. Sengupta nostalgically speaks on how he used to be at the Ashoka hotel lobby to promote IIPM almost every day. “We decided on the name of the institute, its logo was designed by Mrs. Ratna Chaudhuri and me”, He adds firmly that, at that point, their strength was their belief that they were working for a cause. “We had a basic inner conviction”, he added.

Owing much of his success to Dr. MK Chaudhuri, Prof. Sengupta said, “He was always taking initiatives and pushed me to excel. I took study leave and did the IIPM course in 1977-79”. He feels that Dr. MK Chaudhuri provided him a lot of encouragement and then Prof. Sengupta went on to teach at IIPM till 1986. He is still remembered as one of the best by his former students.

He feels that, back in those days, they faced is sues every day and hence facing challenges became a part of life. “It was challenging. It was fun. This was because we had an approach which was based out of a cause”. He feels that despite the hectic curriculum, students did very well. He said, “Our entire focus was on academics. I always believed that if one is taught well and can learn to apply thoughts analytically, he or the can become very good managers”.

Prof. Sengupta moved from IIPM in 1986 to a firm named Mishibishi Electronics. “The MD gave me a chance, and, thereafter, I have never looked back”. He then worked for Salora Group and had to leave because of family issues. In 1990. he joined Relaxo and has been there ever since. “Relaxo was a Rs. 10 Crore company when I joined, and today it is worth Rs. 700 Crore. I feel like I am part of it”. At 61, he still has the vision to keep going till his mind is fertile. “Marketing is something which is ageless. I love it because it is so dynamic by nature”. He explains how in the world of marketing, fresh concepts can seem obsolete within no time.

Prof. Sengupta candidly remembers the amazing negotiating skills of Dr. MK Chaudhuri as one of the most interesting learning from him. He feels that the reason that IIPM has become what it is, is solely because of the clear vision of Dr. MK Chaudhuri. “He never compromised on academics and inculcated a human angle in the teachings”, he added. The idea was not just to develop good managers but actually develop good human beings.

Prof. Sengupta goes on to add that when Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri joined the IIPM, he brought a paradigm shift. But he still feels that the seeds were sown way back in 1974 for the fruits of today. He reminds of a vintage time when the IIPM library was only three shelves long and prospectus were sold at Rs. 2.50.

The only word that could justify this journey of Prof. Sengupta is, “Epic!”

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Indo-Japanese collaborations were the hallmark in India as far as the automobile sector was concerned. However both countries have their own unique style of management. A session highlighting these Japanese Management Practices and their relevance to Indian companies was conducted by Prof. Prem Motwani. He is spearheading the Japanese Management & Cultural division at JNU. This awesome session was brilliantly divided into two parts. The first one hour session was on “Japanese Management Practices- Their relevance for India” and the second session as competition on “Marketing & Branding Origami/Ikebana” where 7 groups marketed their product for 5 minutes. During the one hour session the students were actually made to understand the Japanese Management practices & their implications. Prof. Motwani drew heavily on his own experience of working in Japan. In the next hour, he selected the best group and awarded them a certificate. “ I am impressed with the way IIPM students connected Ikebana with an Indian festival like Diwali”, he added. Such an exclusive session with an esteemed personality gave the students an enlightening exposure to Japanese management practices. The students also got the oppoutunity to learn marketing strategies of culture specific products.

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IIPM Mumbai Campus

Students of IIPM Mumbai were fortunate enough to attend the seminar on ‘India as an enterprise’. India is the 2nd fastest developing nation in the world. Being the 10th largest economy, it has to transform its motion from traditional to more innovative methods.

Our management students were able to understand the importance of segregating and developing various departments in an enterprise. The seminar was all about prosposing an enterprise model to the Indian economy. It captures an overall ability of a country to raise resources, its creditworthiness, its credibility in international market and its talent managing ability. The eminent speakers included Mr. Kishu Mansukhani – President, HSNC Board and Mr. Kishore Biyani – Group CEO – Future Groups & MD Pantaloon Retail India Ltd. Ms. Anuradha Razdan – GM, Leadership Development – Unilever spoke eloquently on Talent Management – the challenge. The discussion drew the perfect perspectives on the hiring and people management dimensions in todays workplace. Mr. Sasha Mirchandani – Managing Partner, Kae Capital, followed up the session and he spoke on ‘A paradigm shift towards privatization.’ Ms. Shweta Vyas – Business Development Manager – Barclays Wealth then presented on ‘Framing marketing mix for service sector in the global scenario’. This was followed up by Mr. Sudarshan Jain – Director Healthcare solutions, Piramal Healthcare Lte. He too presented his viewpoints on the topic of ‘Framing marketing mix for service sector in the global scenario.’ The Real Estate perspective was offered by Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani – MD, Hiranandani Group. His session highlighted the need for a policy on ‘Building sustainable infrastructure in India.’ The International Global perspective was duly emphasized in the session conducted by Mr. Sandip Basu – Ex. Director, YEN capital. His presentation focused on the strategies to attract global investors. The valedictory address was delivered by Mr. Dilip Piramal chairman, VIP industries LTD.

The conference was highly informative and inspiring for IIPM students and the special invitees and they enjoyed it thoroughly. The session created a new benchmark in the areas of Management Conclaves and was organized wonderfully. Truly the city of Mumbai could not have asked for a better experience on Industry exposure and knowledge dissemination. It was really worth it!

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IIPM: A walk against corruption!

December 20, 2011 2 comments

IIPM offer world’s best Courses

Indian Institute of Planing Management (IIPM), launched a crusade for a corruption free India this year through a massive national initiative called SACK – Students Against Corruption and Kickbacks.

The event which took place on Sunday titled ‘Walk to Inspire’ featured students from IIPM walking to show their solidarity in standing up against corruption.

“It was a great walk. People were looking at us, and seeing what cause we were supporting and that felt great,” said Pramod Kumar, a student at IIPM who was part of the work.

Students walked in large numbers carrying banners against corruption reiterating the stand against the malice faced by the society.
“Each and every person in the world should oppose corruption to promote prosperity,” said Durgacharan Satpathy, who was part of the team that designed the posters and banners for the walk.
“It is important for students to be sensitised towards such burning issues facing the country today but we also need to engage them with light touch so that the result is effective. And walks and events like this are a great medium,” explained Rajarshi Chakraborty, the Head, Academics, IIPM Bangalore.

Amaze, a business school fest continues its crusade against corruption and the mission is to inspire young Indians with the events rolling from December 15 to 17.

Amaze will also be a platform for students from over 100 institutions across the country to showcase their talent in a three day management fest across events such as best manager, innovation quiz, global youth debate conclave, entrepreneurship challenge among others including a Dj nite and fashion show. The fest aims at not just providing entertainment, it is also looking at active participation from young minds. The finale is held on December 18, 2011 at Palace Grounds where internationally acclaimed pop rock group Strings will perform live in concert.

This will be held to inspire people to join this cause, to stand up and speak up against corruption.

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Arindam Chaudhuri’s Delhi i1 Super Series Team name ‘Delhi Gypsies and Billionaires’

December 7, 2011 1 comment

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Arindam Chaudhuri Delhi i1 Super Series

Arindam Chaudhuri’s Delhi i1 Super Series Team name ‘Delhi Gypsies and Billionaires’

Arindam Chaudhuri’s Delhi i1 Super Series team announced the team name to be ‘Delhi Gypsies and Billionaires’. “Motorsports is as much a sport for the gypsies at heart as for the billionaires by style. The name is as much a tribute to Delhi – the city which is often referred to as dilwaalon ki Dilli – as to the city, which boasts of the highest number of billionaires and is undoubtedly the style capital of India,” said Arindam Chaudhuri.

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Next on Agenda: Global Campuses IIPM

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IIPM Mumbai Campus

: Over the past two years, IIPM has expanded into 10 new cities across India and now has 18 cities. Over the next five to ten years, IIPM plans to move into media studies, languages, information technology, and other functional and professional skill development areas. The institute will also launch initiatives in online resource sharing and networking.

IIPM’s vision is to become a much bigger movement, covering other fields of knowledge, research, consulting and training, and gaining a global footprint.PRASOON S MAJUMDAR, DEAN OF ACADEMICS


ACADEMIC GROWTH: Most recently, IIPM created two advanced modules in Investment Banking and Retail Management, which are offered through its corporate allies, leading financial and risk analysis firm Copal Partners and Aditya Birla Group. To re-orient its curriculum to serve industry needs, IIPM has designed new super-specialisation courses in International Marketing, Leadership & Strategy, Operations & SCM, IT & MIS, and Entrepreneurship.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: IIPM has over 400 visiting and 200 permanent faculty members who combine professional experience with academic excellence. Senior permanent faculty members get to head divisions of Planman Consultancy, the institute’s consulting wing, and IIPM Think Tank, which regularly conducts research on the state of the economy, economic planning and global management practices.

FOREIGN COLLABORATIONS: IIPM has pioneered a first-ofits- kind Global Opportunities and Threat Analysis (GOTA) programme, which lets students engage with Fortune 500 corporations, multi-lateral institutions and universities. Its Global Outreach Programme (GOP) is linked with 15 top business schools globally. IIPM and Yale have tied up to conduct a landmark research exercise, Yale-IIPM Stock Market Analysis. Its growing foreign tie-ups have encouraged IIPM to consider setting up campuses overseas.

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