IIPM BBA MBA Institute: Student Notice Board

IIPM offers 2 categories of programmes – Global and International – at 3 different levels of higher education – Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Executive. All these programmes have been developed keeping in mind the requirements of different groups of students. But, the essence of all these programmes remain the same and they all try to attain the institute’s socio-economic philosophies as envisioned by its Founder-Director

IIPM Global Programmes

UG Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with International Residentship
Programme Code: GA1
Programme Type: 2-years full time, Under Graduate
Degree Awarded: BSc in Management
Credits: 150

PG Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with International Residentship
Programme Code: GA2
Programme Type: 1-year full time, Post Graduate
Degree Awarded: MBA
Credits: 100

IIPM International Programmes

IIPM offers the following 3 variants of International Programme at the Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Executive levels:

(A) Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with international Residentship and Certification in Global Management
(B) Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with International Exposure
(C) Programme in Planning & Entrepreneurship

Programme Code: UG-01 (with Global Certification) & UG-02 (with no international exposure)
Programme Type: 3-Years Full Time Integrated
Degree Awarded: BBA+MBA
Credits: 300

Programme Code: PG-01, PG-02, PG-03
Programme Type: Full Time, Post Graduate
Degree Awarded: MBA
Credits: 200

Programme Code: EX-01, EX-02, EX-03
Programme Type: 1-Year Full Time, Executive
Final Degree: MBA
Credits: 90

IIPM: Student Notice Board


-PGP-10-12-ss-1st trimeste-10-11-10-Morning

-PGP-10-12-ss-1st trimeste-10-11-10-Aftrnoon


-4th trim-ss-09-11



-2nd -semester-re-exam-for-ugp-09-12-fw-10-11-10-Morning

-main2nd semester re-exam for ugp-09-12-fw-Afternoon


-SS 10-12 First Sem 2 Sub Result

-Remaining sub. Final Result UGP-SS- 10-13 1st Sem.

-SS 10-12 First Semester 5 Sub Result

-SS-10-12 Five Subjects Result

-UGP SS 10-13 Batch_1st semester result

– Marks-Cum-Att-Record-(09-12-UGP-

– Marks-(CHE-UGP-2nd-Sem)


IInd Semester-Permanent Class Schedule (IIPM & ISBE-A)

Sitting Arrangement – IInd Semester

– 12th Nov’10 Class Schedule (IIPM & ISBE-A)

– 12th Nov’10 Class Schedule (ISBE-B)

Results for 1 yr Exec Program in Management 2009-10

– 2nd Trim Results

– 3rd Trim Results Finance

– 3rd Trim Results HR

– 3rd Trim Results Marketing


– SS 09-11 Batch_2nd Trimester Result


FW 09-11, 9th November Class Schedule

Examiantion Date Sheet: SS & FW/09-11

– Internal Marks FW 09-11 -3rd Trim

– Internal Marks SS 09-11 -4th Trim

Final Marks (09-11 SS 4th Trim.)

Final Marks (09-11 FW 3rd Trim.)

-Business Policy Marks (09-11 FW 3rd Tri)

-Super Sp. Marks (09-11-SS 4th)

-Super Sp. Marks (09-11-FW 3rd)

-OD Marks (09-11-FW 3rd)

-Portfolio marks (09-11-FW 3rd)

Project Trimester

SS 09-11, 13th November Final Presentation Schedule

SS 09-11 – Project Group Index

Project Trimester – GUIDELINES

IIPM Fall Winter – 10-12/13

Class Schedule 13th Nov’10

New @ IIPM? Read This

IIPM PGP 2009-11

Seating arrangement for FW 09-11

Revised Seating arrangement for SS 09-11

Hall Ticket Distribution FW & SS

Exam Schedule-FW 09-11-3rd-Tri.

Exam Schedule-SS 09-11-4th-Tri.

Final Marks of Business Policy 09-11 SS

09-11 SS 3rd Trimester

Super Specilization Marks 09-11 SS 3rd Tri

Re-Examination time table on PGP/09-11/SS for 3rd trimester papers

  1. January 19, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Getting an MBA definitely takes the career of a professional a long way. Getting promotions and excellent growth opportunities becomes much more achievable.

  2. Harsheetsingla
    May 8, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I need the addmission in 2nd part of bba could I ??????

  3. solanki pattanayak
    July 1, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    i want to know about the full cource of 2 year of MBA in Finance, HR, Marketing as well as i know about fee structure of all.

  4. July 5, 2011 at 10:49 am

    I am not given any competitive exam but completed my graduation from BE/2010, if their any possibility for admission in MBA.

    Please reply as soon as

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